AT&T pays to put its name on Dallas Cowboys stadium

Inevitably some pundit will say that the Dallas Cowboys "phoned it in" this year when the team has an inevitably lackluster game. That line will have added meaning now that the mega-stadium in which the NFL team plays has been renamed AT&T (NYSE: T) Stadium.

The stadium cost $1.2 billion to build and, according to team owner Jerry Jones, should be "more familiar than the White House." AT&T probably hopes so: The carrier is shelling out between $17 million and $19 million a year to have its name on the Dallas palace. With that contribution comes the opportunity to have AT&T's name and logo pasted inside and outside the stadium.

Which is probably a good thing if the Cowboys once again become America's team; if Romo's legions flounder, however, the story could have a less happy ending.

On a more serious note, while team officials declined to reveal terms of the deal, according to an ESPN report, it certainly includes access to AT&T mobile technology. It will also double the stadium's Wi-Fi network and expand options provided by the Cowboys' mobile app.

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