AT&T pushes for "100 percent broadband" by 2014

AT&T, in comments directed at the Federal Communications Commission as the agency begins movement toward a national broadband program, said it backs "100 percent broadband" by 2014. That's a strange way to say it, but the assumption is that AT&T meant it's in favor of the idea of universal broadband availability in the U.S. by 2014. And by the way, who isn't in favor of that?

Verizon Communications and others also are filing comments with the FCC on the subject, and it will be up to FCC's new national broadband lead, Blair Levin, to comb through it all.

Regarding AT&T's filing, the company makes some suggestions for how to reach that lofty broadband goal within four years of February 2010, when the FCC is due to produce a national broadband plan. Most of the suggestions seem like loose ideas for the federal government to embrace multiple platforms and open access, and to create incentives for private sector investment, while also chipping in government money where it is most needed in underserved areas. AT&T also urges the government to promote greater broadband usage and keep security top of mind.

All of this is nothing too imaginative, but AT&T's heart seems in the right place. Although, Art Brodsky at Public Knowledge points out AT&T hasn't always been such an open-minded broadband advocate.

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