AT&T's got its head in the cloud

AT&T, looking to drive more broadband business, is planning to join the multitude of companies offering computer storage “in the cloud.” The telco is joining rival Verizon—which plans to begin offering similar services in the first half of 2009—in offering what is fast becoming one of the hottest trend in network expansion.

AT&T says it plans to roll out the service for business customers, allowing them to pay for bandwidth on an as-needed basis and offering them the opportunity to expand data centers as growth and demand changes.

The U.S. Olympic Committee—which has a grand fete set for later this month in Beijing—will be one of AT&T’s first customers and will field test the service immediately as hours of video are shot, saved and played on its website. AT&T says that over the long term, customers can save 30%  on networks and storage by using cloud computing.

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