AT&T says 30 billion malicious scans pass its IP network daily

AT&T (NYSE: T) says that it faces security threats on a full-time basis as the telco sees "around 30 billion malicious scans" on its IP network on a daily basis.

This has prompted the service provider to block "5 billion malicious scans and 200,000 malware events that are targeted specifically to us every day." During these scans, hackers are looking for ways to find new vulnerabilities.

But what's perhaps more disturbing is that a number of the business customers it serves don't have a set of best practices in place to respond to security breaches.

According to an AT&T security report, 62 percent of businesses reported they had a security breach, with 42 percent saying the negative impact on their business was "significant."

Despite these trends, AT&T added that "66% of organizations have no effective incident response plan."

While security breaches have caused large enterprises an average of 23 hours of lost network time, the problem is just as acute in medium-sized businesses which experienced an average of 14 hours of downtime.

In its third Cybersecurity Insights report "The CEO's Guide to Cyberbreach Response," AT&T said that a businesses' security response program includes two main elements: a cross-functional team and frequent testing.

Due to the business implications of a successful cyberattack, post-breach response should involve C-suite management team, IT, security, legal, communications, and other teams across the organization.

At the same time, AT&T said that an incident response plan must be regularly tested so that all involved parties are crystal clear about their respective roles and responsibilities. It added that these roles must be reinforced through regular tabletop testing and other simulations so the team can "eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty that can arise in a potentially chaotic situation."

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