AT&T sees uptick in consumer, business IP services in two Southeast markets

AT&T (NYSE: T) saw growing acceptance by consumers and businesses of its IP-based services in Alabama and Florida, noting a sequential uptick in migration from TDM in the third quarter.

Similar to earlier quarters, the service provider said in an FCC filing highlighting its progress in these two markets that it saw TDM-based service subscriptions continue to decline in its consumer and business segments.

AT&T said that "there was an increase in consumer migrations in the third quarter, 2015 compared to the second quarter."

Now that it has completed its DirecTV acquisition, AT&T has added promotional offers for the satellite service as part of its consumer marketing campaign in the Carbon Hill, Ala., and West Delray Beach, Fla. wire centers.

Since beginning the TDM-to-IP trial in May 2014, AT&T noted that it transitioned 47 percent of TDM-based customers in Carbon Hill to IP and 26 percent in West Delray Beach.

It also saw similar trends with businesses. During that period, it transitioned 17 and 19 percent of business customers to IP-based services in both cities, respectively.

AT&T said it plans to offer "three-to-six line U-verse service that will increase the number of addressable small business accounts in the trial areas" in an effort to lure more businesses to its IP-based solutions.

As part of its TDM-to-IP transition, AT&T has been applying to discontinue a number of legacy TDM-based business services. In November, AT&T asked the FCC for permission to shut down its BellSouth Analog Voice Grade Private Line service in the Carbon Hill serving wire center and in the Kings Point, Fla., serving wire center, marking another step in its TDM-to-IP transition.

AT&T also launched its 1 Gbps GigaPower fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) service in West Delray Beach, serving both consumers and business customers.

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- see this FCC filing (PDF)

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