AT&T selects Cisco's CGv6 solution for its IPv6 migration strategy

AT&T (NYSE: T) has added another arrow to its IPv6 quiver by incorporating Cisco's (Nasdaq: CSCO) Carrier-Grade Services Engine (CGSE) for its Carrier Router System (CRS) product suite.

Leveraging "6rd," a transitional mechanism that facilitates IPv6 deployment across IPv4 infrastructure, AT&T can support both new and existing customers with both IPv4 and IPv6 services.

This mechanism allows the telco to support multiple Gbps of throughput and thousands of customers, while expanding the network incrementally to provide new revenue-generating services as IPv4 address space becomes exhausted.

By creating a "methodical blueprint," Cisco said its CGv6 solution not only leverages technology from both its CRS and ASR series, but also related migration services that will enable AT&T ease its transition to IPv6.

A big driver of Cisco's platform message is scale. Through a multi-core central processing unit, the vendor's CGSE scales to tens of millions of address translations and gateway functionality with tens of gigabits of throughput for hundreds of thousands of customers or users.

As more Tier 1 service providers move forward with their IPv6 migration plans, Cisco's message of providing scale and being a partner that can provide related services should resonate well that a major vendor is stepping up to help them.

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