AT&T takes on Charter's longstanding video stronghold in Smyrna, Ga.

AT&T (NYSE: T) is taking Charter Communications' (Nasdaq: CHTR) "Let It All In" slogan to heart by bringing U-verse to Smyrna, Ga.

Even though Cobb County, where Smyrna is located, does not offer cable operators exclusive cable franchise agreements, there have been no other video options for residents to choose from besides Charter.

Since 2008, AT&T has continued to expand its U-verse offering throughout the state thanks to the Georgia General Assembly's Consumer Choice for Television Act. The act was designed to encourage new video players like AT&T to make necessary network upgrades to bring video to areas like Smyrna where there was no choice for video service before.  

"Cable has been the only game in town for too long, and we're excited to continue the expansion across Marietta, Smyrna and surrounding areas," said Jim McHargue, director of sales, AT&T Georgia.

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