AT&T targets cost conscious SMB segment with $90 wireless/wireline bundle

AT&T's new "All for Less" wireless/wireline bundle shows that the incumbent carrier is leveraging its strong brand to target the needs of the cost conscious SMB segment with services that were traditionally only available to larger businesses.

The new bundled service suite, which begins at $90 a month, will offer SMBs a host of wireline/wireless communications services, including relevant tech support and data backup.

Ideal for businesses with up to 10 wired voice lines, the new "All for Less" bundles offer up to 24 Mbps wired broadband connections and unlimited domestic calling as core services. Customers can then sign up for additional options including wireless voice, mobile broadband, remote technical support, online data backup and Web site hosting. AT&T claims that SMBs could save up to 40 percent by bundling these services versus buying them separately.

Long overlooked by incumbent carriers, AT&T "All for Less" is clearly a new offering to battle cable's ongoing movement into the SMB space with the ability to bundle traditional wireline voice and data services with value-add services such as tech support and data backup.   

Overall, as told by Karen Nielsen, Senior Consultant-Telecom Practice at AMI-Partners, a technology market research firm in a release, the new bundles help SMBs--a group that typically has the requisite knowledge and resources to handle multiple service provider contracts--to simplify their communications experience by buying a bundled package from one provider. "Communications bundles, like the new 'All for Less' bundles from AT&T, enable small businesses, who stand to benefit from the convenience of working with a single provider, to take advantage of bundled pricing across a wider range of essential business services," she said.

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