AT&T to refund customers for slow DSL data rates

If you subscribed for AT&T (NYSE: T) DSL service after March 31, 1994, you might be entitled to get part of your money back from a recent lawsuit that alleges the RBOC (Regional Bell Operating Company) did not live up to advertised data rates. Of course, AT&T denies it did anything wrong in a lawsuit settled last year in the Court of Common Pleas in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.    

Getting a refund, however, will take a bit of work.

Current or former customers will have to ask AT&T to research its records to see whether it configured the downstream speed of a subscriber's DSL service at a slower rate than outline in that subscriber's plan. If so, the subscriber is eligible for $2.90 per month that the service fell below the outlined speed. Other subscribers whose speeds were unintentionally lowered will be eligible for $2.00 each month their service did not match the speed they signed up for.

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