AT&T U-Verse VoIP service hits 1 million mark

While AT&T's Q4 09 wireline earnings saw the usual declines, U-Verse Digital Home Voice service, which now reaches 1 million customers, was a big contributor to the service provider's IP service growth during the quarter.

A driving factor in AT&T's residential VoIP U-Verse service growth is that customers are buying it as part of a video bundle. Since launching the U-Verse VoIP service two years ago, AT&T said that more than 67 percent of new U-Verse TV subscribers will bundle U-Verse Voice service.

Unlike Verizon who struggled to meet its subscriber goals for FiOS TV during the fourth quarter, AT&T signed up 248,000 new U-Verse customers in Q4 09, bringing it to 2.1 million U-Verse subscribers overall and bringing on 1 million additional customers in 2009.

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