AT&T West, CWA continue labor contract negotiations, hash out work assignments

AT&T (NYSE: T) employees represented by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) union have worked out grievance and unfair labor issues.

CWA said that grievance/unfair labor practice strikes by nearly 4,000 members of Locals 9400 and 9510 that began June 9 have been resolved.

Local union members were protesting management's decision to reassign work on landlines used for 911 emergency calls.

AT&T West management has agreed to meet with the local organizations to discuss work assignments and to return that work to system technicians.

On June 9, 1,700 AT&T wireline workers went on strike over a contract grievance regarding the way that company monitors sales and customer service representatives.

For its part, AT&T has been making progress with negotiating new labor contracts with employees represented by CWA in the East and West regions. When the two sides could not come an agreement when the current contracts expired in April, AT&T and the CWA agreed to work on solidifying a new contract.

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