AT&T will spend$1 billion globally in 2008

AT&T said it is planning $1 billion worth of network investments this year, primarily to boost bandwidth internationally. The figure is one-third more than AT&T spent on its network last year, and twice the amount it invested in 2006. While the carrier was among the first to sound concerns about consumer market softness, its investment will benefit the segments in which most of its strongest revenue growth is occurring: international markets, public Internet and data, and enterprise VPNs.

As online video usage, peer-to-peer traffic and other Internet content numbers continue to rise, the carrier also is making the necessary adjustments to continue to ensure service quality on a global basis. It remains to be seen which network equipment vendors will benefit directly, but even those who don't may feel a bit relieved that uncertain revenue outlooks across the board for carriers has not diminished AT&T's willingness to spend.

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