ATIS tackles environmental sustainability issues

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, a group thick with carriers, has issued its first ATIS Report on Environmental Sustainability, produced by the ATIS Exploratory Group on Green. The EGG is not the first trade group initiative hatched to help the telecom industry understand and pursue environmental sustainability practices--the vendor-focused Telecommunications Industry Association has been conducting its own similar efforts for more than a year.

Still, the ATIS has quickly moved to make a key recommendation: The telecom industry needs to work more closely with government policy makers to show them how telecom companies can play a lead role in reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions. That recommendation is significant because while firms like BT, Verizon Communications and AT&T have jumped out to promote their own practices, many other carriers have not been as forthcoming, and the telecom industry has made little attempt to move collectively on environmental sustainability.

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