Australia's Internode incorporates IPv6 service into its broadband repertoire

Australian-based competitive service provider Internode has debuted an IPv6 service as part of its broadband service portfolio.

Simon Hackett, Internode

Simon Hackett, Internode managing director: "Done right, most customers won't notice the change to IPv6"

The service will be offered to both its ADSL2+ and future NBN customers on an opt-in basis. While the service is new, Internode is not a stranger to IPv6, having conducted a 20-month public trial of the service.

Simon Hackett, managing director for Internode, said that the IPv6 service will have little, if any, impact on its customers.

"Done right, most customers won't notice the change to IPv6...," Hackett said. "We've been deploying and testing IPv6 since 2008...We have also worked with many major router vendors to ensure that, at this point, all the routers sold by Internode now support native dual stack IPv6."

Initially offering native dual stack IPv4/IPv6 service, Internode's future IPv6 offerings will include elements such as IPv6 DNS management and customer-specified DNS record assignment.

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