Australia's Internode serves up quad-play bundle

Internode, an Australian competitive service provider that now operates as a subsidiary of iiNet, on Monday debuted three new quad-play service bundles offering consumers broadband, IPTV, wireless, and PSTN service for AUS 99 (USD 103) a month.

All three of the packages include an Easy Broadband 200 ADSL2+ service, NodeLine home phone service, Fetch TV Lite and a Node Mobile SIM, with each including specific extras. With the Combo Value package, users will get a AUS 20 (USD 20.83) wireless voice plan. The Combo Router Rental offer gives customers a FRITX!Box 7270 router, while the Combo Wireless Bridge pack comes with a AUD 119 (USD 124) wireless bridge.

Of course, like any broadband bundle package, the provider said the new quad-play bundles are designed to encourage customers to sign a 24-month contract.

"The Combo plans offer customers a clear financial benefit to buy a complete package of services from Internode," said Jim Kellett, Internode's Product Manager, in a release announcing the new initiative. "We've gone beyond the triple play--by bundling broadband, fixed line, mobile voice and subscription TV, we're now into four-play."

Customers can choose from four data quotas for their ADSL2+ service: Easy Broadband 200 ADSL2+, with a 200GB data quota; or a 300, 600, or 1200 GB plan with incremental prices applied. Regardless of the GB quota chosen, consumers will be able to gain the Combo discount. The service provider is also waiving the AUS 79 (USD 82) fee if subscribers sign a 24-month contract.

Now that Internode is part of iiNet, a move that instantly expanded its DSL coverage, the service provider can extend these bundles to an even larger subscriber base.

After being acquired by iiNet in February, Internode increased its DSLAM-equipped telephone exchanges from 208 to 450.

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