Bad billing by AT&T

Consumers in two states are not happy with their AT&T bills, prompting local TV stations to charge to the rescue. And you might want to leave your account passwords in your will.

A North Carolina man had to fight with AT&T to cancel his dead mother's phone service. Gene Turner didn't have his mother's passwords to her account, leaving him in the lurch on the first call. Calling back a second time, a representative asked him to fax over the death certificate and other information, receiving confirmation of receipt. A week later, the phone was still turned on and the customer rep said there was no information on file regarding the fax. 

Turner requested a manager to call him back. One didn't, but he received another phone bill for the account. Cancellation and a refund on the account credit occurred when the local TV station called AT&T.

In Tennessee, an AT&T customer was being billed $14.05 for "Enhanced Services" - an 800 number with voice mail she says she never signed up for. AT&T says they have no choice but to pass along the changes from Premium Products and other-third party companies, but the attorney general of Florida is investigating Premium Products for deceptive advertising practices.

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