Bahamas Telecom Company extends US-Caribbean cable to Haiti

Bahamas Telecom Company (BTC) is going to expand the overall capacity of its submarine cable connecting the Caribbean with the U.S.

The network expansion project has two main goals: increase the revenue potential of the cable and improve connectivity to Haiti.

"We are going to make a significant investment into expanding the capacity of the Miami cable... And we're looking at investing on expanding the capacity of the Haiti cable," said BTC's CEO Geoff Houston in a statement. "We expect to be able to do both of those this year and that will provide new sources of revenue opportunity for the company."

Although Bahamas Domestic Submarine Network had already been restored following the Haiti's 2010 earthquake, the Houston believes that the network could be leveraged to provide international links to the area's wireless operators. In this scenario, BTC would sell capacity to both Haiti-based wireless operators in addition to other service providers looking for a gateway into Haiti.

An upgraded cable would also enable Cable and Wireless Communications, which now owns a 51 percent stake in BTC, a way to connect into its global carrier services business.

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