Bell Canada upgrades long-haul network with Nortel 40G optical solution

Bell Canada is in the process of deploying Nortel's 40G Adaptive Optical Engine in its highest traffic corridors, Montreal-New York, Chicago-Toronto and Toronto-Montreal, giving the carrier the fat pipe it needs to hold onto business customers and allowing it to promise higher access speeds in the future.

Nortel's system quadruples Bell's current network bandwidth in those vital corridors and allows coexistence within Bell's current 10G network.

This solution is built on the Optical Multiservice Edge 6500 and runs over the Nortel Common Photonic Layer line system, key products that enable the migration to a more agile, adaptive, all optical network.

Meanwhile, Alaska Communications also said it's in the process of deploying Nortel's optical long-haul network equipment between Alaska and Oregon. At least 21 other carriers have ordered or deployed the system since its April launch.

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