Brazil's Anatel launches IPv6 working group

Anatel, Brazil's telecom regulator, has put together a new working group to coordinate the migration from IPv4 to IPv6, reports Teletime.

Jose Alexandre Bicalho, superintendent of regulation and planning, and Marconi Maya, the superintendent of grants and resources, will oversee the effort.

Timing of this effort could not be better., which oversees the distribution of Brazil's IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, has forecast that the local domain's stock of IPv4 addresses will run out in May. 

The regulator took over the responsibility of the IPv6 migration when the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI) could not negotiate a schedule.

Overall migration to IPv6 has been slow thus far.

According to a recent Network Utility Force infographic, only 17 percent of worldwide networks are IPv6 enabled. What's more, the American Registry for Internet Numbers said that as of December 2013, there were only 25 million IPv4 addresses remaining.

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