Brazil's Oi SA installs fiber in Amapa to expand broadband availability

Oi SA, the new service provider formed from the restructuring of Telemar Participacoes' former Brasil Telecom operating units, has begun laying fiber in Amapa, TeleGeography reported.

Aimed at delivering broadband access to the region, Amapa will be connected via 600 kilometers of cabling.

Two-thirds of this new fiber connection will provide a link to an existing network built by electric utility Eletronorte, which has an agreement with state-owned Telebras to provide fiber facilities to Oi SA.

In addition, Oi SA will deploy a 230 kilometer fiber cable linking Calcoene and Oiapoque with French Guiana. At Oiapoque, the link will cover almost 200 kilometer and be connected with local service provider Guyacom's own network.

When the network is complete, Oi said an estimated 85 percent of urban residents in Amapa will be able to get broadband services. The $16 million Calcoene-Oiapoque segment of the new cable will be funded through a joint investment made by both Oi SA and the Amapa state government.

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