Brisbane, Australia's sewers could become new fiber conduit

Brisbane, Australia has decided that when it comes to its broadband connectivity, the connection it needs might be riding right in their city's sewer lines.

The country's third-largest city is looking at how it can connect its residents to a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network carried through its sewer pipes. Here's the kicker: it won't cost the taxpayers anything.

Because the sewer pipes already connect the city's buildings, Brisbane official said that it can bring FTTH connections to its residents "quickly and inexpensively." Right now, Brisbane is talking with an unnamed British company to construct the network.

Brisbane is not the only city to think about leveraging sewer lines to route fiber to end-users. CityNet, a U.S.-based pioneering last-mile gained notoriety when it struck agreements with various cities to route fiber through existing sewer pipes.     

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