Broadband Forum addresses VDSL2 chipset interoperability

As evidenced by ongoing deployments by major service providers including AT&T, Bezeq and Qwest, VDSL2 has certainly gained its place as the next generation copper broadband technology of choice. To assist service providers in establishing performance and functionality requirements, the Broadband Forum has issued three new Technical Reports (TRs).

As the first in the Broadband Forum's new TR trio, TR-114 establishes new performance requirements and test methods to ensure consistent performance levels between the DSLAM and the CPE. TR-115 complements TR-114 with increased functional interoperability and improved internetworking. Turning to the CPE customer facing end, TR-138 enables improved reporting capabilities to manage VDSL2 and ADSL2+ modems.  

"VDSL2 already allows service providers to deliver high bandwidth services to customers with copper access but until now these service providers have been limited both in their choice of vendor and what they can safely promise to deliver to their customers," said Broadband Forum Chief Operating Officer Robin Mersh in a release.

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