Broadband Forum introduces new next gen access initiatives

As service providers expand their respective last mile network buildouts, the Broadband Forum has put forth a new set of guidelines targeted at ADSL2, VDSL2 and GPON.  

During this week's FTTx Summit in London, Robin Mersh, COO of the Broadband Forum, addressed how the forum is expanding its testing and conformance efforts. These enhancements include a new ADSL2+ functionality test plan, a new VDSL2 test suite, new Vectoring best practices white paper, GPON interoperability abstract test development testing performed in conjunction with Full Service Access Network (FSAN), and additional fiber-related work addressing EPON.

In addition to the last mile network, the Broadband Forum is developing specifications that address end-to-end architecture evolution requirements. Focusing on multi-service architectures, the forum is looking at ways to help service providers migrate to a more flexible IP and MPLS-based mesh network approach to deliver multimedia services. The MPLS work will be based on TR-144 "Broadband Multi-Service Architecture & Framework Requirements" and anchored by key work in progress, such as WT-145 "Broadband Architecture Requirements" and WT-223 "Requirements for MPLS over Aggregated Interfaces."

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