Broadband Forum, IPv6 Forum work to drive IPv6 adoption in broadband networks

The Broadband Forum and the IPv6 Forum have developed a pact to drive adoption of IPv6 in broadband networks, an effort to create a foundation for broadband providers and consumers to leverage applications and devices that will connect to the IPv6-based network.

This latest agreement with the IPv6 Forum comes on the heels of the Broadband Forum's release of BroadbandSuite 4.0, a set of specifications that enable the integration of the IPv6 protocol into the existing network and remote management platforms on either DSL or Fiber to the Home (FTTH)-based networks.

Not surprisingly, BroadbandSuite 4.0 is around enabling networks to handle the ongoing surge of new devices (tablets, smart phones, home gateways, gaming devices and smart energy devices) that a user may use to access services. Later enhancements will include the ability to support secure, mobile and nomadic applications) and enable the proliferation of connected user devices and machine-to-machine communications.

Having the IPv6 foundation in place will enable service providers to reduce the impact of IPv4 protocol exhaustion on their existing services while ensuring the growth of new users, devices and applications. Ultimately, the goal of the two forums is to drive IPv6 interoperability on all devices.  

Timing of this alliance couldn't be any better as both organizations will participate in next week's World IPv6 Day, the telecom and IT industry's 24 hour test of global IPv6 activation.

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