Broadband Forum releases new CPE management platform

Recognizing that the home network is becoming more complex with a bevy of new devices and IP-based services, the Broadband Forum has launched its BroadbandSuite 3.2 network management platform.

A key focus of the new platform is on residential CPE--especially broadband gateways. Service providers will need to not only manage these devices, but also be able to conduct downloads in addition to remote installation and activation of new software/applications.

Leveraging the TR-69 remote management standard as its foundation, BroadbandSuite 3.2 is set on providing new remote management flexibility and dynamic application allocation of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

By providing an enhanced CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) and establishing a converged Device and Gateway Root Data Model, BroadbandSuite 3.2 addresses the service provider's need to extend new applications via the gateway, address the new devices being installed in homes (gaming consoles, DVRs, etc) and improving back office billing and operations integration.

Key features of release 3.2 include a next-generation root data model, application management and end-to-end management integration.

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