Broadband Forum's new specification addresses DSL home networking quality

As more end-users incorporate broadband services into their daily lives, the Broadband Forum is addressing the service provider's need to provision and manage the applications running over the home network with its BroadbandSuite 4.1 specification.

While the initial work of the Broadband Forum and its predecessor, the DSL Forum, looked at triple play services, the new specification takes into account how service providers can manage a growing set of connected devices, including embedded machine-to-machine devices for metering and monitoring, as well as teleworking support.

Initially, the focus of the new BroadbandSuite 4.1 specification will be on how to engineer DSL to deliver higher speed and enhance service delivery under the DSL Quality Management (DQM) umbrella.

The DQM Suite incorporates techniques to help service providers measure DSL line performance, status and test data, in addition to other data to measure throughput and diagnose line functions. DQM's specifications can then provide steps the service providers can take to curtail new problems from arising or ways to improve DSL performance.

In addition the new specifications outlined in BroadbandSuite 4.1, the forum is enhancing the measurement techniques set by the TR-69 remote management specification.

Initially designed to help service providers manage and monitor home broadband devices including DSL modems and home gateways, the enhanced TR-69 specification will include auto configuration capabilities for software-based applications.

"As applications stores start coming to the big screen and people start downloading applications, TR-69 will recognize that as well," said Laurie Adams Gonzalez, Broadband Forum Marketing Director, in a Connected Planet article.

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