Broadband traffic cops are on patrol

We'll admit that the headline is unfair to the innovation and activity that has been coming to light in the area of broadband traffic management. Whether it is deep packet inspection or different kinds of prioritization and policy management solutions, there has been an awful lot going on in this sector the last 12 months or so. Of course, some of it came to light because of the Comcast traffic-shaping controversy, and some of the attention that has been paid to this arena is by proponents of Net neutrality legislation.

Still, that attention perhaps has overshadowed the fact that traffic management capabilities have been quickly working their way into a wider array of technology platforms. DPI-related acquisitions by Allot Communications and Arbor Networks also have stoked excitement over these solutions. At NXTcomm, Allot, Arbor, Sandvine, Procera Networks, Continuous Computing, Redback Networks and Zeugma Systems are just a handful of the companies that will be featuring broadband traffic management as a key theme.