BT debuts new Hybrid VPN service

With its latest Hybrid VPN offering, BT is playing to the corporate user's desire to be connected to their headquarters regardless of location. BT's Hybrid VPN service, which allows user to access their respective VPN via the traditional Internet, is currently available in 130 countries. A key attribute for businesses is that the service can effectively extend the reach and access to applications to remote workers that were previously considered too remote or expensive to use a secure VPN connection.

Since the service leverages the public Internet, a business can roll out BT's Hybrid VPN globally. Businesses can also use Hybrid VPN as a back-up in the event that a company's headquarters' main access service goes down. Obviously, backup services mean reduced downtime and service disruption. In addition to ensuring uptime, BT's service can help multinational businesses cut down the number of ISP contracts and the array of SLAs, incidence handling and reporting practices, to manage.

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