BT establishes IP Exchange hub in the U.S.

BT (NYSE: BT) has built a new IP Exchange hub in the United States to handle more traffic that's going over its wholesale IP Exchange platform, giving its service provider customers an interconnection point for both North and South America.

Used a platform to provide IP-based voice, data and signaling, BT said the new location enables them to bring the service closer to each carrier and their end customers' networks. As a result, they can lower the cost of voice and data transport and improves service quality by reducing interference.

Traffic from various communications networks can be 'translated' through what the service provider calls its "IP clearing house" that resides in the Global IP Exchange platform.

Besides terminating voice minutes, the platform can be used to carry video and data traffic via a number of standards and configurations, while supporting wireline and wireless operators' signaling and exchange requirements to allow for interworking of services.

Momentum for the IP Exchange continues to grow. Since launching the platform on a global basis in 2011, these services now support over 350 service providers with around ten new customers being added every month.

Future iterations of the service will include the ability to support 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi roaming, video codec interoperability and High Definition voice transcoding.

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