BT fiber cut disrupts competitive ISP services

A fiber cut in BT's (NYSE: BT) last mile network took down broadband services for a competitive ISP, including O2, Be Broadband and AAISP, in the Harlow area North of London yesterday.

BT attributes the break to what it says was "malicious damage" to one of its 240 fiber cables located 100 meters away from its Harlow-based Fibrenet site.

The UK incumbent is in the process of replacing a 200 meter fiber cable segment.

However, it appears that Harlow isn't the only area suffering network disruptions as BT has had to declare what it calls a Matter Beyond Our Reasonable Control (MBORC) incident in parts of Northern England and Scotland due to high winds.

To resolve issues in Northern England and Scotland BT said it is "implementing contingency plans to bring in additional resources so we can recover service as quickly as possible."

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