BT Openreach adds diagnostic features to Ethernet service suite

BT Openreach is giving its Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) service customers greater visibility into the services they purchase by deploying ADVA Optical's FSP 150. With this new element in place, Openreach customers will be able to conduct last-mile test and diagnostics on the Ethernet services they buy. ADVA's FSP 150 will enable Openreach and its Ethernet wholesale customers to get intelligent Ethernet demarcation, last mile data monitoring, SLA verification and remote Operations Administration and Maintenance (OAM) capabilities. These capabilities will enable Openreach's customers to monitor services and find and resolve issues.   

With EAD, Openreach will provide point-to-point fixed symmetrical Ethernet bandwidth services at speeds that range from 10 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. Openreach says these new services will be the foundation of Openreach's next-gen service rollout and complement its Ethernet Backhaul Direct (EBD) and Bulk Transport Link (BTL) offerings.

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