BT Retail gives broadband bundle customers free fiber service upgrade

If you're a BT Retail (NYSE: BT) broadband bundle customer, you'll soon have the option of upgrading to its fiber-based Infinity broadband service without for free. Of course, you have to be in an area where the fiber upgrade is available.

An obvious move to trump main rival Virgin and its DOCSIS cable capabilities, BT claims it can deliver consumers up to 40 Mbps download speeds and up to 10 Mbps.

Similar to U.S.-based broadband offerings, BT customers will initially pay a little over $11 a month period and then a little over $12 a month after the initial three month trial period ends. Currently, Virgin Media customers initially pay $23, which rises to $44 a month for its 50 Mbps service.
Cable is not BT's only target. In an effort to one up its traditional alternative network provider competitors such as Sky and TalkTalk, which charge over $60 and over $107 for a new line, BT will offer a free line connection to any customer that purchases a voice and broadband or voice/broadband/TV bundle.

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