BT taps into Adva's synchronization technology for 5G rollout

BT is using Adva's synchronization technology to increase the reach of its 4G service and start the rollout of its 5G service across the U.K. (Pixabay)

Adva announced on Monday that BT is using its synchronization technology to further the reach of its 4G service and start the rollout of its 5G service across the U.K.

By using Adva's Oscilloquartz synchronization technology, BT is able to improve the use of its spectrum through more accurate timing. 

Previously, BT’s timing network was based on frequency synchronization, but with Adva it can now distribute stable and accurate phase and time-of-day information to bring 4G coverage to underserved areas while starting the deployment of 5G.

The new synchronization network is built on Adva's OSA 5430 and OSA 5440 boxes, which are integrated with its network management solution. Adva said the Oscilloquartz synchronization technology provides the sub-microsecond accuracy required for next-generation mobile applications and hardware redundancies.

“Adding robust, highly accurate phase and time synchronization unleashes the full potential of our network. Not only does it empower us to deliver the services our customers demand today but it’s also the key to our 5G aspirations,” said Neil McRae, chief architect, BT Group, in a prepared statement. “The OSA 5430 and OSA 5440 offer the robustness of hardware redundancy together with the scale we require to meet tomorrow’s needs. Their modular design also means that our network is ready to support future timing technologies without further upgrades.

"Our close partnership with Adva’s team and their Oscilloquartz timing experts is another crucial factor. It’s been clear from day one that they understood our core requirement for a flexible architecture with superb levels of precision and protection.”

BT has deployed Adva's synchronization technology in 10 core time base sites, 106 metro time sites and close to 1,000 Tier 1 sites at the network edge.