BT testing the water with FTTC, VDSL

BT plans to test customer response to a broadband network combination of fiber-to-the-curb (FTTC) and VDSL technology. The initial rollout will involve about 15,000 customers, but there are no guarantees that the network plan will guide BT's broadband future. The telco announced a $3 billion fiber strategy earlier this year, but details were not very clear at the time. Now, the CEO of BT's Openreach wholesale unit tells Light Reading that if BT doesn't see strong response, it may opt to deploy "next generation access" technologies instead, or it may kill the project altogether.

Many other carriers around the world are taking more aggressive, more devil-may-care approaches to deploying FTTX, but there is nothing wrong with testing the business case first, as long as it doesn't leave you too far behind the competition.

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