BT Wholesale debuts new broadband wholesale service

BT Wholesale has launched a new service that is designed to satisfy the diverse needs of its wholesale broadband customers, wherever they reside in the U.K. The service provider said the Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect (WBMC) over IPstream Connect service will accelerate end-user migration to next-gen broadband and reduce overall operational costs. Prior to launching its Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect service, BT Wholesale customers had to use both a fixed speed DSL and DSL Max service alongside a next-gen broadband offering to build out a national broadband offering. This meant service providers had to have separate Internet links. Instead, WBMC over IPstream Connect BT Wholesale customers requires only one backhaul connection.

Currently, BTs next-gen broadband services are available from exchanges serving 40 percent of U.K. residential and business customer locations. By spring 2010, BT said that the number will jump to 55 percent. In parallel with the new WBMC service, BT previously outlined an aggressive Fiber to the X buildout strategy that will incorporate both Fiber to the Curb and Fiber to the Premises.

"This service opens the door for communications providers, particularly our smaller and mid-tier customers, to offer their end users next generation broadband services including the up to 24Mbit/s copper services and fibre access," said Sian Baldwin, Director, Broadband and Content Services at BT Wholesale, in a release. "It also provides new entrants with the opportunity to play in the broadband market. "

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