BT Wholesale expands its ADSL2+ service reach

BT may be keen on expanding its Fiber to the X ambitions, but with over 730 of its U.K. exchanges carrying its 21CN Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) ADSL2+ product, it's clear that the telco is finding plenty to like about its existing copper network.

Offering 24 Mbps downlink speeds, BT says it is ahead of its deployment schedule for WBC. To date, over 550,000 subscribers are using the service, 'with more than 20,000 to 30,000 users being added each week.' By the end of March, BT forecasts that WBC services will be available to approximately 14 million UK users and an estimated 20 million subscribers by the beginning of 2011.

BT's service is far from unique, however. Competitors such as Be Broadband already have a sizeable lead over the incumbent. Since launching its ADSL2+-based 24 Mbps service in 2005, Be's service now is available to 70 percent of U.K. homes, for example.   

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