Cable companies run fiber fib ad blitz in fight with Verizon’s FiOS

Comcast and its cable allies have lined up a series of broadcast ads belittling Verizon's vaunted FiOS network, claiming to have a larger fiber-optic network. What the ads don't point out is that while fiber is used in the network, it doesn't go to the home as is the case in most FiOS applications.

Cox, Charter Communications, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable all have thrown in with Comcast in running the misleading ads. Comcast also is starting to run the ads in some newspapers. It recently ran one in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer saying, "We already have a fiber-optic network serving ALL our homes."

Verizon and cable companies have locked horns in the courts over ads in the past. Could this be the next ad campaign to get lost in the courts?

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