Cablevision set for 101 Mbps launch

Cablevision System is pushing the broadband speed envelope with a 101 Mbps download/15 Mbps upload DOCSIS 3.0 ultra-wideband service that will cost $99.95 per month when it premieres in May in suburban New York City. The service will offer slightly more than twice the top bandwidth capability of some providers, such as Verizon Communications (which offers a 50 Mbps download service with 20 Mbps uploads), while pricing it significantly less or favorably comparable to those other services. Cablevision earlier this year said that it had wired most of its network for DOCSIS 3.0.

There has been evidence in telco first-quarter earnings reports that telcos are adding not only TV customers, but also Internet customers at the expense of cable TV companies. Cable TV firm's DOCSIS 3.0 offerings should mitigate the effect somewhat, especially if they are priced favorably when compared to telco broadband options, which usually will offer less bandwidth. Still, it's unclear how quickly customers will pick up on the option for increased bandwidth, and cable TV companies mostly have looked to maintain conservative expectations for market adoption, hinting that DOCSIS 3.0 offerings are likely to be more appealing to small businesses than mainstream consumers in the early going.

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