Cablevision to raise its video rates

The war between Cablevision and its fiercest video rival Verizon is going to get a bit more heated as the cable MSO announced that it will increase the price of its cable TV services 3.7 percent in 2010. While the video service will increase, Cablevision will leave the prices for its Internet and phone services alone.

This is not the first time Cablevision has raised its cable TV rates. Last year, Cablevision, which continues to fight a public battle with Verizon over the viability of its service, raised its video rates 3.5 percent.

One of the thorns in Cablevision's side is Verizon's continual drive to bring Fiber to Premises services into MDUs. Analysts believe that Verizon's FTTP drive has prompted Cablevision to take measures to defend its home turf.

"Cablevision is the only major cable company that has really responded to Verizon's challenge to the networks," said Sam Greenholtz, co-founder and analyst for Telecom Pragmatics. "They have taken Verizon very seriously and are doing everything they can to maintain their position."

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