Cablevison's Optimum Business unit extends toll-free service to SMBs

Cablevision believes that even if you're a small business, you should be able to get the the same services as a large enterprise. To bridge that gap, the provider is extending toll-free numbers as part of its Optimum Voice digital phone service. Given the fact that SMBs often lack the financial and in-house IT resources to manage their communications infrastructure, the service enables them to expand their presence beyond their local boundaries by porting an existing number or receiving a new toll-free number. What's more, the $9.95 per-month plan, which comes with 250 minutes, takes into consideration an SMB's limited budget. SMB customers can also leverage the Optimum Voice web portal to change numbers and use call detail records to evaluate their own marketing campaigns. 

Long overlooked by the incumbent network operators, the SMB space has become a prime target for a host of emerging competitors, including CLECs, and the cable companies, whose HFC footprint passes by most small businesses. All of the major cable MSOs, including Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner Cable, have sharpened their SMB and large business service skills. While Cablevision's Optimum Business service appears to be only available in its flagship New York market, the toll free service could give it a competitive weapon to battle Verizon's FiOS offering for SMBs.

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