CallFire sees new cost, service benefits as a registered CLEC

Cloud-based software provider CallFire has formally registered as a CLEC, a move that it says will enable it to provide nationwide telephony services to its customers.

In gaining CLEC certification, CallFire has developed a number of new technologies that will allow them to more effectively manage their own costs while providing higher quality calls.

As a registered CLEC, CallFire can now expand access to other voice tandem provider routes and increase call capacity.

Shane Blaser, vice president of carrier operations with CallFire, told FierceTelecom that the CLEC status provides a number of benefits, including more direct access to phone numbers and direct connections with other carriers.

"Now that we're a CLEC, there's a few interesting abilities we gain," Blaser said. "As far as access to phone numbers, we now get those directly from the government, which allows us to be more innovative in our product offerings by removing the middleman."

Because they will be able to get their own phone number blocks, CallFire will be able to provide a block of phone numbers to customers like political parties wanting to reach out to their constituency, for example. They can also offer customers phone number data to improve communicating with their customers.  

What all of this means is that CallFire will allow customers to purchase the amount of services they need at lower rates.

"We'll be able to offer things to our customers such as a block of phone numbers that's more difficult to get or had to purchase currently, we'll just have it in our inventory," Blaser said.

The service provider will also be able to gain a voice with regulators to help drive advocacy for competitive providers on policy and advancing new technologies.  

"Now that we are a CLEC for regulatory issues we can represent our customers directly, whether it would be a way to access phone numbers or use SMS, we'll have a seat at the table alongside the other telcos," Blaser said.

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