Camiant, Sandvine play on Comcast's traffic team

Comcast's new two-tiered approach to managing broadband traffic uses technology from both its existing deep packet inspection vendor Sandvine and new policy server partner Camiant. The second vendor's solution is key to the second tier of Comcast's approach, where heavy traffic users have their traffic placed at a lower priority during peak traffic time .

Sandvine announced last week that Comcast was using its Fairshare management solution to help the carrier analyze network congestion levels. Comcast also is using an as-yet-unnamed vendor for its Internet protocol detail record (IPDR)server, which also is important to its new traffic management strategy. Camiant's server collects information from the IPDR server to help identify which traffic is to be given lower priority.

In related news, Sandvine also said it is working with three new carrier customers in Latin America.

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