Canadian consumers place high value on Internet service

Surprise, surprise, Canadian consumers can't live without their Internet connections.

A new survey conducted by the Canadian Media Research Consortium based at the University of British Columbia, revealed that even in a challenging economy, only 42 percent give up their Internet connection, versus only 24 percent for pay TV and 17 percent would discontinue their wireless service and print newspaper subscriptions.

More Canadian consumers are using the Internet to not only communicate with friends and co-workers via e-mail, but also conduct other activities including paying bills and watching movies and listening to music. In the 18-34 age bracket, there are 2.4 computers per household, a number that drops to 2.2 for average Canadians.

And while most consumers still prefer to use the TV to view news and movies, the report revealed that "the reach of television news will only increase with online access, these data indicate that TV news is poised to gain an even larger share of the news market in the future."

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