CenturyLink to implement usage caps on DSL users

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) is the latest service provider to meter how much bandwidth their DSL consumers use every month.

Citing a supposed memo posted by a user in its broadband forum, a Broadband DSL Reports article revealed that the ILEC plans to implement a 150 GB cap on users with connections of 1.5 Mbps or lower and a 250 GB cap on users who have a 2 Mbps connection and above.

On its Internet help page, CenturyLink confirmed that as part of its Excessive Use Policy (EUP) that it will implement the caps in February.

Unlike AT&T (NYSE: T), the service provider won't charge users if they go over their respective limits. Any consumer that does go over its allocated limit will instead will get an e-mail or phone call that they have exceeded their allocated bandwidth allocation and will be given the option to purchase a either a higher speed consumer or business-grade service.   

"CenturyLink will weigh variables such as network health, congestion, availability of customer usage data, and the line speed purchased by the customer as factors when enforcing this policy. Our EUP is application neutral," the service provider said in its EUP page. "It only looks at the total usage (bytes transferred) over a defined period of time independent of protocols, applications, or the content that is generating the excessive usage."

Regardless of their approach, its current customers, many of which can't get any speed higher than 1.5-3 Mbps. aren't going to greet the policy with open arms.

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