CenturyLink users in Arizona experiencing Internet connectivity issues

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) users in Arizona, particularly in Avondale and Phoenix, are reporting that they are having issues connecting to the Internet.

A number of consumers in Broadband DSL Reports' user forum reported that while they were able to get a connection, some larger pages would not load, while others could not access sites like Gmail that require a secure login.

One user who called CenturyLink's tech support said that one of the DNS servers in the state went down and there were issues throughout the state.

Stephanie Meisse, a spokeswoman for CenturyLink, confirmed that there was an outage on Thursday which has since been resolved. 

"We experienced an Internet data card issue in our Tempe, Ariz. office on Thursday morning which resulted in degraded broadband service for some customers in that area," she said. "The card was replaced and services were restored at 3 a.m. Mountain Standard Time today."

She added that "customers may continue to have trouble logging into secure sites until their modem is powered off and back on."

This is not the first Internet outage the telco has suffered. Earlier this month, a nationwide Internet outage, which the company said was caused by an issue with its core routers, left customers in 21 states without Internet access.

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Updated on May 24 with information about the cause of the outage.