CENX's Ethernet exchange: 10 million locations can't be wrong

Carrier Ethernet exchange provider CENX must be doing something right. In operation for less than eight months, the service provider has surpassed the 10 million Ethernet service locations mark via its Carrier Ethernet Exchanges.

Buoyed by an ongoing list of carrier customers including Covad,  transtelco, XO and Verizon, CENX's CEO Nan Chen, says the 10 million mark "represents the number of exchange-enabled physical locations that can be reached via our Carrier Ethernet Exchanges."

Chen believes that the growth of the CENX Carrier Ethernet Exchange into more buildings means potential opportunities for its service provider customers. "Every single connection for the CENX numbers represents a potential business opportunity that otherwise they would not have had before, but now they can reach them," he said. "It's a dramatic opportunity to think about new ways to increase their revenue."  

While Chen acknowledges that competition is heating up in the carrier Ethernet Exchange market, he's quick to point out that CENX's value is in providing various tools to manage and monitor the Ethernet connections they make with other providers in the exchange. In other words, CENX views Ethernet as an end-to-end service.  

"The colocation guys that want to be in this space, their view is if provider A and provider B want to connect, we can connect A and B together virtually, and after that you work out what you want to do," Chen said. "We do that for sure, but the most important thing for us is we take a great deal of pain from the service provider and tools to do search, quotes, order the services, monitors the services and integrate their IP systems with us to make things a lot more seamless."     

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