CENX turns up Ethernet voice exchange service

With a number of high profile carriers already tuning into its carrier Ethernet exchange service, CENX is now attacking the lucrative voice market with its Carrier Ethernet Neutral Voice Exchange service.  

Traditionally, service providers that needed to exchange Ethernet or voice traffic had little choice but to go to a one-off bilateral exchange or a multi-service provider "voice tandem" that charges on a per-minute basis.

"Basically all of these guys are offering flat-rate calling plans, but they have to pay on a per-minute basis to exchange [Ethernet] traffic," said Nan Chen, CENX co-founder and Chief Executive Officer xChange article. "It's out of step with their business model, and their margins get squeezed."

Instead of using direct TDM connections (T1, DS3 or SONET) or legacy voice tandems, CENX's Voice Exchange service will allow service providers to connect on a one-to-many basis with other carriers over a 1 or 10 Gbps Ethernet connection. What's more, the neutral Voice Exchange service bills service providers on a direct connect (capacity-based flat rate charges versus minutes-used based charges).

For more:
- see the release here
- xChange has this article

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