Ciena powers New York City to Toronto fiber network for Crosslake Fibre

Ciena is powering Crosslake Fibre's New York City to Toronto fiber optic cable build with several of its products. (Pixabay)

Crosslake Fibre is tapping into Ciena's optical technology and software to help build its 1,500-kilometer cable between New York City and Toronto.

The low-latency fiber-optic route includes a 131-kilometer shortcut across Lake Ontario to provide wholesale bandwidth and cloud connectivity between major cities. Crosslake will offer optical and dark fiber solutions over the new network to wholesale carriers, over-the-top content providers and enterprise organizations.

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Crosslake is deploying Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai-powered 6500 Packet-Optical Platform that supports wavelength capacity at 250 Gbps to scale the network for high bandwidth applications using minimal hardware. The same network will be able to scale to support 500 Gbps wavelength capacity with Ciena's WaveLogic 5 Extreme in the future.

Ciena’s Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan domain controller will provide end-to-end lifecycle operations that will unify network and service management and online network planning through software-defined control. Additionally, Crosslake is deploying Ciena’s Liquid Spectrum analytics application for real-time visibility into the efficiency of the network.

“The ability to offer lower latency services across our new network means that our end-users will experience a much-improved connectivity experience. Performance is critical whether it be a financial institution trading between the TMX and the New Jersey Liquidity Triangle or consumers accessing high-bandwidth applications like on-demand video and online games,” said Crosslake CEO Mike Cunningham, in a prepared statement. “As bandwidth demands continue to increase dramatically, Ciena’s optical technology will play a key role in our ability to provide world class connectivity to our customers.”