Ciena tunes up first 800G network in Europe for Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier

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Teaming up with Ciena, Duetsche Telekom Global Carrier fires up an 800 Gbps transmission between its data centers in Vienna, Austria. (Pixabay)

Working with Ciena, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is laying claim to the first European 800G transmission, which connected its data centers in Vienna. The 800 Gbps transmission was successfully validated for stability and error rates in a live environment.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, which is Deutsche Telekom's international wholesale unit, will use the increased capacity to provision higher speeds and enable improved efficiency for its customers across Europe for applications such as IoT, cloud computing and video.

The transmission was the first field deployment in EMEA of final production hardware in a live network environment carrying traffic between two data center locations using an 800 Gbps wavelength. According to a Ciena spokesperson, it was a single span DCI application, less than 100 kilometers in distance.

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The 800G connection, which is based on higher spectrum efficiency, will allow Deutsche Telekom to transport eight 100G wavelengths of data traffic in less than 100 GHz of spectrum. It's also optimized for 100 Gigabit Ethernet and 400 GE customer interface connectivity. According to Ciena, it's the first solution that's capable of transporting 2x400GE across a single 800G wavelength.

"We pride ourselves on always being a step ahead and this move will push us over the threshold," said Rolf Nafziger, senior vice president, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, in a statement.  "It will help us achieve a significant industry milestone by delivering the first 800G network in Europe. With it, we will increase network capacity and efficiency, and create a more adaptive network that can meet our customer’s needs now and into the future."

Deutsche Telekom plans to install Ciena’s WL5e with its 6500 and Waveserver 5 platforms, managed by Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller.

“The telecoms sector in EMEA is among the most competitive in the world, so it is essential that telcos continually offer newer, faster and more reliable services to stand out from their competitors," said Ciena's Jamie Jefferies, vice president and general manager, EMEA, in a statement.  "We have many shared values with Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and have enjoyed working with them to deploy innovations across their pan-European network, and we are especially proud to work with them on this first 800G deployment for Europe."

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