Cisco survey: Home wireless video/music downloads rising

About 92 percent of home wireless network usage is for Web surfing or e-mail purposes, but residential users are starting to branch out to use their home wireless networks for different applications and to bring Internet access to a greater variety of devices, according to results of a new survey commissioned by Cisco Systems.

NBCLive iPad app

66 percent of home wireless users are running applications from a tablet or smartphone (Image source: NBC Live)

The survey, conducted in June by Opinion Research for Cisco's Home Networking business unit, found that U.S. families with home wireless networks are using them for a range of applications and connecting to them with a broadening array of devices. The survey indicates that network speed and ease of use are the most important factors to these families.

Those results may not be terribly surprising, but what is more interesting is that more advanced applications finally appear to be on the rise. The survey found that about 67 percent of home wireless users are regularly downloading videos and music, while 66 percent are running applications from a tablet or smartphone connected to the home network. Most surprisingly, game consoles were the most popular home network access devices at 66 percent. Meanwhile, smartphones came in at 41 percent and wireless printers at 36 percent.

Among other findings, about 62 percent of the adults surveyed said that have wireless devices connected to the Internet seven days a week, while 71 percent said they use them between five and seven days a week. Among children in the families surveyed, about 46 percent were estimated by their parents to use wireless devices at home seven days week, while 54 percent reported they used them between five and seven days a week.

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